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Everything you should know before create your own web site.

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The process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engine results. There are many strategies and tactics that can influence the rankings of web pages in search engines. For ...

Domain: Online services; Category: Search engines

A program that "crawls" across the World Wide Web, automatically collecting Web pages. Most spiders will follow every link on a page, cataloging each page, until it comes to a dead end. Then it will ...

Domain: Internet; Category: Internet communication

Ranking factors - are all the factors that have an influence on the site's rank in search results. All ranking factors can be internal and external.

Domain: Advertising; Category: Online advertising

It is Google search engine's algorithm used to rank websites in their search engine results. Was developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford. PageRank measure's a web page's ...

Domain: Advertising; Category: Online advertising

Web indexing is the process of adding web site data to the data base by search engine, crawler.

Domain: Advertising; Category: Online advertising

Selection of the keywords is the first step for creating your website. Before adding articles to the website you have to choose all needed keywords.

Domain: Advertising; Category: Online advertising

Google SandBox - Google's spam-filter. Its main task is to exclude new websites from search results.

Domain: Advertising; Category: Online advertising

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