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Chief terms used in discussing literature, literary history and literary criticism.

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Originalus Augustan amžius buvo puikus literatūros laikotarpiu Vergilijus, Horacijus ir Ovidunder Romos imperatoriaus Augusto (27 BC-AD 14. Eigtheenth a. ir vėliau, tačiau terminas buvo dažnai ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

The antitype is the later correlative of the Old Testament figure, the type. The Old Testament type or figure is held to be a prophecy or promise of the higher truth that is "fulfilled" in the New ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

An alazon is one of the four stock characters whose interactions constitutes a standard plot in a play, an impostor and self-deceiving braggart. The other stock characters are the bomolochus, the ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

Ambiguity is applied to a fault in style, that is, the use of a vague or equivocal experssion when what is wanted is precision and particularity of reference. Alternative terms for this use of ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

An authoritative argument or report serves to establish what counts as the true facts and values within the fictional world. This is the fashion inwhich many of the greatest novelists have written, ...

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An aubade - from the old French "alba", meaning dawn - is an early morning song whose usual motif is an urgent request to the beloved to wake up. A familiar example is Shakespeare's "Hark, hark, the ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

The original Augustan Age was the brilliant literary period of Virgil, Horace and Ovidunder the Roman emperor Augustus (27 BC-AD 14. In the eigtheenth century and later, however, the term was ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

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