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Functional food

Food that has a special effect on your health and well-being

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Functional food


Food (other); Functional food

At my lunch time I like to eat a great big hot hamburger freshly prepared, with relish, ketchup and mustard.


Food (other); Functional food

My favourite dessert is a big dish of wild berries, (topped with whipped cream), freshly picked in the countryside nearby.


Food (other); Functional food

In French Canadian dialect, this means to shell nuts for eating! In French French, they use the words 'casser noix'.


Food (other); Functional food

Alimentaire qui a été avalé par une vache, mouton ou un animal similaire et porté à la bouche encore une fois de plus mâcher.


Food (other); Functional food

Pâte de soja est une pulpe blanche ou jaunâtre, comprend les parties insolubles de la graine de soja.

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