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Will we be able to reach gender equality sometime?

Do you think that is it possible to create a real equality between men and womenin our society? How would you do it?What would you change...etc?
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esb 01:20, 9 January 2012
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  • xururaca 19:43, 20 March 2012

    I doubt anyone would like that. I guess you're not looking at the big picture....Why would a woman want to be equal to men? O viceversa? I guess you'll need to narrow it down....HOW would you like the genres to be equal? In what sense?

  • piticli 05:53, 14 February 2012

    I think it is possible once we assume for good that doesn´t matter if we are women or men, we are just people, so we should be treated like that.

  • marece 20:48, 22 January 2012

    even if we will be able to reach gender equality, this will only be temporary. Male and female predomination have always altered eachother.

  • michael.cen 08:41, 10 January 2012

    No. Unless everybody has no gender; asexual, like plants... I want to be a cactus. I win.


    We are trying to reach equality in our life: women to succeed jobs originally accepted by men, to be indipendent or from the other end: men to do housekeeping or caring a child, but all this figyting stuff around the genders depends on us. We expect it not to overrun. Because which man wants a real bodybuilder woman with tie in the neck or which woman wishes a man, frightened from a cockroach?

    16:32, 28 February 2012


    I think it's the time females don't have to labor.

    03:18, 3 February 2012