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The last day of September

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poleev 13:29, 19 September 2011
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  • poleev 13:31, 19 September 2011

    Dear colleague(s), I would like to draw your attention to a new manuscript released by Journal Enzymes ISSN 1867-3317: A. Poleev. The last day of September. Enzymes, 2011. http://www.enzymes.at/download/september.pdf Suggestions for further reading: A. Poleev. Apocalypse proposition. Enzymes, 2011. http://www.enzymes.at/download/apocalypse.pdf A. Poleev. Cannibalism, Enzymes, 2011. (German) Cannibalism in light of system theory of society: An anthropological review linking together cannibalism, parasitism, totalitarianism and capitalism. Available at http://www.enzymes.at/download/cannibalism.pdf I wish to thank you in advance for your regard. Dr. Andrej Poleev redactor