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New Look

What do people think of TermWiki's new look?
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Robert Derbyshire 05:40, 4 January 2012
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  • Andy80 04:55, 13 April 2022


  • H9 10:00, 18 July 2013

    I absolutely love the new TermWiki design! It's clean and easy to use. Thanks for the excellent work.

  • Mimi 254 14:41, 11 January 2012

    Cool,I like it - congratulations!

  • Felixw 13:59, 11 January 2012

    The new design looks great, but how can contributors make money from the site?

  • mandere 15:58, 10 January 2012

    Contragulations! Now it is easier to browse the site.

  • nicole.m 13:28, 10 January 2012

    Excellent work team. I am so happy to see the TermWiki community growing and strong!

  • shamoil ahmad 12:00, 10 January 2012

    Changes are fine. I appreciate new look.

  • hiromi 09:59, 10 January 2012

    Yes, it has become concise and much easier.


    Yeah, I agree with you!

    10:35, 5 March 2015

  • Lianna 09:27, 10 January 2012

    I like the changes. It is really attractive. But I want to do a remark regarding new term edition. Several days ago we could edit new terms and add definition with minimum 7 words. Now we have to edit definition with minimum 20 words. But please note, that there are many words, which are not possible to be described greater than 7 words. So, please recheck.


    I was asking the same questions. But I found you could always provide some additional background for a term to make it clearer for the person that happens to see it after a Google search. BTW, you can still add terms with definitions containing less than 20 words. They will just need to be reviewed to enter the system. Thanks!

    09:41, 10 January 2012

  • michael.cen 08:49, 10 January 2012

    Very nice, like a summer holiday on the beach... warm sand, cool sea water, couple of pina coladas. Just want to stay here chilling...


    in my mind... use your imagination.

    05:47, 11 January 2012

    Liang Ailin

    Where can I find the new look as you say.

    09:28, 10 January 2012