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I am apalled at what celebrities have decided to name theor children. It seems there is no condideration to actual thought. Historical a family would name their child according their gratitude to God, the situations they came across during pregnancy, the things to come (as in a future hope), a family member whone the mother or father greatly admires, or even the position of the child in the family. This no-longer seems to be the case, thanks to celebrities.

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Ким Кардашян и Канье, назвал их ребенка дочь Севера West.The пара решила пойти на север и для краткости будем называть их дочь ...

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Kim Kardashian und Kanye mit dem Namen ihres Baby Tochter North West.The paar entschied sich für Nord und wird ihre Tochter Nori kurz anrufen.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye named their baby daughter North West.The couple decided to go for North and will call their daughter Nori for short.

Domain: Entertainment; Category: Popular culture

Child of Sylvester Stallone. I am almost sure that this name was given during his 'Rambo' days. 'Sage' is ok for name, but I'm a little confused on the 'Moonblood' part.

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Child of Jason Lee. He got the name 'Pilot' from a pretty ridiculous song. 'Inspector' on the other hand is unknown, and really shouldn't be known at this point.

Domain: Entertainment; Category: Popular culture

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